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I'm being featured in this month's POCKO (London) Newsletter.  (Pocko is based in London with satellites in Milan and Los Angeles.)

The Goonies, a Steven Spielberg movie, was shot in Astoria, Oregon in 1985 (my home town now) and I painted the poster art in 2015, the 30th anniversary of the film. The event attracted over 20,000 people to our small coastal town at the mouth of the Columbia river.  That overwhelming attendance paralyzed the town and my gallery/studio in Astoria was mobbed with reveling tourists. I sold a whole bunch of posters during that 4 day event. And it continues to be one of my best sellers.

Of note, I also worked for Steven Spielberg when I painted the key-art for his movie "1941", a mad-cap comedy starring the likes of John Beluschi and Dan Akkyrod.  

Astoria continues to get many tourists every year in their pilgrimage to this movie mecca.


Dave McMacken

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