Dos Huevos Locos @Astoria Coffee Roaster: Artwork by our very own Dave McMacken

Dos Huevos Locos By William D. Brooks III

IN SHORT: Born in New Jersey- drug off to New Mexico - culture shock at age 8 and being introduced to southwestern cuisine at 9 has changed the way that I looked at food and will for the rest of my life! Southwestern cuisine is in a class all to itself - not mexican, not texmex but a true american southwestern-grown ingredient that makes mouths water and noses run! My first cooking lesson was chile con queso over chips, a cheese dip made with Hatch New Mexico green chile and from that day on, I’ve been hooked! Everything edible for the last 46 years has been smothered daily in either a red or green Hatch New Mexico chile... Crazy, I know! 23 years fast forward to finding myself in Astoria, Oregon - not exactly the home of the green chile burrito. I found getting green chile to me was expensive and roasting an effort, but I have always found a way to get my addiction to my front door and into my freezer! A dozen or so mental attempts over the past twenty plus years of having a restaurant or a food cart have always ended up fizzling and removed from my thought process completely...until now! When Rick at the Astoria Coffee Roaster, corner of Leif Erickson and 37th (503-325-7768) told me of his plans to open a deli, I opened my mouth- inserted my foot and asked if he had a breakfast menu - he did not! I offered, he said ok, and now is the time to put my past into action! After four months I came up with a product that the New Mexicans don’t even make this way - a breakfast product with an awesome TO GO PACKAGE is go. Let me introduce to you: Dos Huevos Locos (two crazy eggs) in a bowl which will debut at the Astoria Corner Deli and Coffee Roaster on the east end of town - again at Leif Erickson and 37th. WAIT- not ready yet! How can one have such a great product without a great logo - I knew what I wanted, now someone to help make it happen. I went in search of and found Dave McMacken of Ratz & Co (Dave built the Port of Call logo) located at 260 10th street - Astoria Oregon (503-325-2035) and told Dave that I wanted something like Looney TunesTM meets Rat FinkTM and this is what we came up with (page 10 - 11 and 12)...check us out, get a bowl - buy some coffee and when your nose runs - I own you!

David B. McMacken